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Banquet and reservation

The restaurant "Erebuni" is surrounded by picturesque garden trees, flowers and fountains. Getting here, you can relax, enjoy authentic Armenian dishes made with open fire, or choose European cuisine. At the restaurant you will enjoy the paintings with gorgeous Armenian landscapes. Here you will be offered more than 20 types of shashlik, a wide range of second courses, soups and salads. All this at affordable prices and with true Armenian hospitality! Those who once visited our restaurant are happy to come back yet and again!

  • Telpas svinībām, kāzām, jubilejām un citiem pasākumiem (viesu skaits līdz 80 personām).
  • Atsevišķi mājīgi namiņi (līdz 20 personām).
  • Izbraukuma banketu apkalpošana.
  • Ēdienu piegāde (on-line pasūtījums).
  • Dāvanu kartes.
  • Plaša bezmaksas autostāvvieta.

Booking tables and cottages by phone +371-67-598-999.